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23 Aug 2021

Microneedling guide – Let’s hold your hand

23 Aug 2021
Microneedling guide – Let’s hold your hand

There are many questions, thoughts, success stories but also prejudices and fears that microneedling can be dangerous to bring home to your own bathroom. We developed a guide that we call the microneedling guide that we think can help you get the answers to most things you are wondering and thinking about.

As with all beauty treatments, it is important to be well-informed regardless of whether it is at a skin care clinic or if it is something you should do at home.

We are often asked if microneedling is dangerous to do at home

Microneedling has actually been around for decades, first it was a clinic treatment that was carried out with long needles to treat deep scars. But now the method has been adapted for home use and has been around for many years, which means that there is a lot and research and studies behind the treatment. There are no adverse effects provided you use the correct needle length and take care of the hygiene of both your skin and your Skin Roller, let the skin rest between treatments and be sure to change the needle heads as often as recommended.

By using a Skin Roller you will maximize your skin care because by rolling the Skin Roller over your skin you stimulate the skin and its cell renewal and it results in fast and visible results.

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So let’s talk about the benefits of using a Skin Roller in your skin care routine

Just to select some of them before you top up with your own benefits for your own skin care routine, we have selected these:

- You’ll maximize your skin care, by using the Skin Roller you increase the uptake of your serum by 300%.

- You will get a smoother skin tone all over your face.

- If you have scars after, for example, acne or fine lines, you can treat them with your Skin Roller and get good results

- You will increase the skin's own production of collagen and elastin, which means that the skin will be tightened.

- One thing we are all often looking for is to get the perfect glow and it is something that the Skin Roller is fantastic at creating, you will get a glow that both you and your surroundings will be amazed by!

Do you want to read more about our Skin Roller, take part of our market research or get answers to more questions? Then you will find our Microneedling guide here.

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