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09 May 2022

Thérèse Hellström shares her tips!

09 May 2022
Thérèse Hellström shares her tips!

A virtual skin test with Swiss Clinic

therese hellström swiss clinic

As I mentioned earlier this winter, I am an ambassador for Swiss Clinic.

Your own at-home beauty clinic" - as their tagline says.

therese hellstöm swiss clinic the base+ boosters

I have known for a long time but have not been able to reveal that Swiss Clinic is launching a new skincare line. Finally, I get to share the fantastic news with you! They have found a new look, a new collection called The Base+, and a new creative director: top model Caroline Winberg!

Therese Hellstrom

The Base+ collection is based on the concept of tailoring your own skincare. You simply use The Base+ cream as a base and then add a few drops of the extra boosters you need:

So how do you know which boosters to mix in The Base+ cream? So, Swiss Clinic has launched a digital skin analysis tool called Beauty Tech Advisor to guide you easily. You answer a few questions about your skin and then learn what products you should use. Try Beauty Tech Advisor here.

Therese Hellström Swiss Clinic

Of course, I also did the test ... and it showed that I need to moisturize my skin and focus on strengthening the skin around the eyes. Right now, I, therefore, use The Base+ cream daily, with drops of Hyaluronic Filler+ and Bye Bye Puffiness+

Therese Hellström Swiss Clinic

After a few months, you should do a new skin analysis with Beauty Tech Advisor to develop your skincare routine. In this way, you can follow the development of your own skin, which is so exciting if you ask me. Super Glue+ (pictured above) is a product I look forward to using when my skin becomes more resistant.

Therese Hellström Swiss Clinic

If you’ve read this post, you probably understand that this is a new and innovative way of looking at skincare! I think it’s so exciting to be part of this journey with Swiss Clinic, and I really hope you will also want to join. It has also been amazing to see results so quickly. After just a few weeks, my skin is more hydrated and soft! So, if you have not already done a digital skincare test – do it now! It's so exciting to learn more about your own skin.

Click here to try Beauty Tech Advisor.

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(This post was published by Elle and is written by Tess Hellström