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24 Nov 2021

Our best Christmas gifts

24 Nov 2021
Our best Christmas gifts

Finding the perfect Christmas gifts is difficult and often very stressful. Therefore, we want to help you along the way with this article. Skin care products is always fun to get - and it's the perfect gift for everyone.

After the pandemic, we have all become accustomed to constantly having a hand sanitizer nearby. They are always needed - in the bag, in the pocket, at work, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. That's why our Sanitizing Spray is a safe card to give to someone you like this Christmas - or why not as a gift for secret santa?

Sanitizing Spray SwissClinic

Sanitizing Spray


Whiter teeth

Who does not love to indulge? Drinking coffee, tea and red wine is common for most people, but it leaves its mark on the teeth. Because of this, it would be a real luxury to get a teeth whitening kit as a Christmas present. Our kit Total Whitening System contains Whitening System: teeth whitening gel and splints for home whitening and Teeth Whitening Pen, a whitening pen that quickly and easily removes discolorations. This teeth whitening kit works quickly and efficiently and is a perfect gift to give to mom, dad, your partner or in-laws.

Total Whitening System

Total Whitening System


Everyone need an Eye Cream

Something that many people miss in their skin care routine is eye cream. Using eye cream is necessary because the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive. Eye cream is adapted to the thin, sensitive skin (which a regular face cream is not) and also helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. Our Eye Cream also helps to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Swiss Clinic Eye Cream Ögonkräm

Eye Cream


Our products are result-oriented and if the desired result is not achieved after the treatment, we have our Results Guarantee that you (or the person who received the Christmas present) can always refer to.